Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MLS season kicks off April 2nd

"There's a funky new look to the Major League Soccer standings this year, at least to the sport's uninitiated. FC Dallas? Chivas USA? Real Salt Lake? What's that all about? Is there a Fake Salt Lake somewhere? But, to soccer fans, it's a warm familiar look -- another sign the adolescent league has stopped trying to Americanize the beautiful game and is more determined than ever to march in step with the rest of the world as it begins its 10th season Saturday.
"It's part of the strategy,'' MLS commissioner Don Garber said. "These are soccer teams. And if they're trying to look like the type of club the soccer fan is used to seeing, then more than likely those teams aren't called 'the Clash.' That could be the name of a lacrosse team. That could be the name of a rock band -- and was.''
I recommend reading the entire article at Yahoo Sports.

Hm, okay let's break it down: FC Dallas, which stands for Football Club makes perfectly sense to me. Chivas is apparently the nickname of a Mexican team and the clubs new full name is Club Deportivo Chivas USA and is located in Los Angeles. There are some clubs called Deportivo in Spain and Mexico. If the owner wants to attract Mexican American audiences with this name that's fine. I still don't get why they have to include "USA" in the name and fail to mention the location of the team, but whatever suits you is fine. Real Salt Lake? "Real" is used in the Spanish league and is assigned to the "Royal" clubs only, like famous Real Madrid. I really think it's a far stretch for a franchise that just started in Salt Lake City and has achieved nothing so far. Oh by the way, how many Latinos live in Utah?

In other news:

"A split screen of game action and commercials will be part of Major League Soccer's television coverage this season by ABC Sports and ESPN2. The split screens will be used during the telecasts twice during each half and in 30-second intervals."

Okay, didn't the commissioner just talk about stopping to Americanise soccer and make it more attractive towards the purist fans? This is corporate America at it's best! If they would run ads during a game in Europe the fans would start a riot and politicans would intervene and stop this mess.
But hey, at least ABC and ESPN will broadcast the games.....


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