Monday, March 28, 2005


"Wait a minute, NBA-Playoffs? Don't we have to wait for them until the last week of April?" Yes, you're right but I am talking about the Fantasy Basketball Playoffs which in most leagues start today! Oh yes, Fantasy Hoops, the addiction of offices, schoolkids and sportsfans across the nation. Wheter you're playing at SportingNews,, Yahoo or somewhere else, this is the time where it comes down to the best regular teams facing each other in elimination rounds. Now will be decided who owns the bragging rights for the rest of a year and who will hide under a rock until leagues will form again this coming fall...
You just have to love fantasy basketball!

I am active in a head-to-head league at Yahoo which I think offers the best free fantasy games of all kind of sports. We are 20 teams at CCE Surveyors and fortunately the league-owners have been very active throughout the season. Sparked by an MVP-worthy season of my first-round pick Dirk Nowitzki, I was able to clinch the 3rd spot (missed the 2nd spot resulting in a BYE by three games). I will keep you posted about the progress of our playoffs. Guess you are fighting in your own playoffs right now too! Busy weeks with the NCAA's Final Four Tournament just around the corner....


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