Thursday, March 24, 2005

Scare of Spurs-Nation

Last Sunday Timmy went down after landing akwardly on Rasheed Wallace's foot in the game against the Detroit Pistons. What a scare! I was sitting in front of the TV holding my hands in front of my face in awe for several minutes. Could hardly breathe! Then ABC's old slime-bag Jim Gray broke the news that he had a Grade II Ankle sprain:

Then word came out that he will miss 2-4 weeks, which is practically the rest of the regular season. Well, the Spurs have already clinched their playoff-spot so it's not that bad, but naturally they will have a hard time fighting for the overall-best record (which will most likely go to Miami) or the best record on the Western Conference (Phoenix Suns). But who cares, he will be back for the playoffs and that's when it matters! The hopes of a entire city lie upon him and everyone's praying for him to recover (in time). But Timmy has proven to have good healing flesh so I am very optimistic.

I'm just freelancing here but in case he's not back my immediate favourite for the NBA World Championship are the Miami Heat with Shaq O'Neal and Dwyane Flash Wade. This kid is just so ill! They'll probably face the Phoenix Suns in the finals, but I would also wish the Dallas Mavericks with my man Dirk Nowitzki the title. But all of this is only hypothetical because Timmy will be back and lead us to our third title in five years. Raise The Game.


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