Thursday, March 31, 2005

Steroids in the NFL

Oh oh! Seems like the NFL will get their own little Steroids scandal. The first rumors about alleged drug-use by three players of the Caroline Panthers came up a week ago, now prosecuters seem to have more evidence:

Carolina Panthers Todd Sauerbrun and Jeff Mitchell and former player Todd
Steussie had steroid prescriptions filled by a West Columbia, S.C., doctor now under investigation by federal authorities, according to "60 Minutes Wednesday'' report.

This is of course bad timing for these three cats, since the public and lawmakers are very concious concerning illegal use of steroids in the wake of the massive MLB scandal. I expect the NFL to react very stern on this issue, they have already announced to tighten their anti-drug policy towards the Olympic standard.

Interesting is the reaction of Punter Todd Sauberbrunn who got contacted by CBS:

The network said that when it contacted Sauerbrun by phone, and asked him about Shortt, the punter said, "I like the guy very much.'' Ten minutes later, CBS said, Sauerbrun called back to say he had been confused and that he did not know Shortt.

Yeah right!


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