Monday, March 28, 2005

Stupid Ebayers

I've been a Ebay-customer since more than four years now. I have watched it grow to a multi-million dollar business since then. It's safe to say that the vast majority of internet-users uses Ebay or have at least heard of it. Until now they should know how it works and how you can use the system to your advantage by buying items for a good price. But somehow many haven't gotten the memo! It has happened to me so often that stupid people keep bidding on a object many days before the scheduled end of auctioning! Don't they realise that they are only hurting themselves by thriving the price up? And all for the sake of seeing your name as the high-bidder five days before the auction ends? C'mon! Shouldn't we all make a pact "NO BIDDING UNTIL THE FINAL MINUTE"? otherwise you will just throw you money at the seller if you could do otherwise! Please! Someone's gotta spread the word...

Anyway, people have to refrain from the illusion that Ebay is a place where "you can get stuff cheap." That may have been the case in it's infant years but those times are long over. Now professional retailers, known as power-sellers, have taken over and they give you the impression that you will get their merchandise cheaper then at a real store. But compare the prices. Usually they are even with what you have to pay at Best Buy or Radio Shack. Or some will offer their item for a couple of dollars below the market-value but screw you into a enormous shipping fee. I boycott auctions where the shipping is unreasonable! You have to wonder if they will ship it in a golden box with customised rivets. So, just use some common sense and you will have a good shopping time at Ebay!


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