Saturday, April 30, 2005

FC Bayern Munich, Star of the South!

19th Championship. FC Bayern, forever Number One!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guess who's back

Just look at the score by quarter:

Nuggets 18 / 14 / 30 / 14 = 76
Spurs 29 / 34 / 23 / 18 = 104

Other remarkable stats: With 0:24 secs left in the 3rd quarter, Carmelo Anthony was the first Denver player to reach 10 points. By then Duncan, Parker, Barry and Ginobili had been in double figures already. But Anthony, Martin, Camby and Miller were just brutal tonight. This is not the first time for Carmelo and K-Mart to vanish in big playoff games.... I think we can carry the momentum into Game 3 and regain HCA....

Timmy took care of business, he wouldn't let the Spurs lose tonight. Raised The Game.

Good call

U.S. Basketball has given former Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Coangelo total control of the U.S. men's Olympic basketball program (Read the story), after the team had two disappointing finishes in the 2002 World Cup in Indiana and last years Olympics in Athens. I personally witnessed Team USA getting humiliated against Italy last year in Cologne, and saw them barely escaping with a win on a Iverson Trey at the buzzer, against Germany the next day. Man, did Nowitzki put up a show that night! The place went nuts after Dirk buried back to back treys to give Germany the lead, and the last one was even after being double-teamed. A performance for the ages!

After this first impression two weeks before the Olympics in Greece, you where able to predict the horrific outcome of the upcoming tournament. The team got ripped in the U.S. media and they deserved it. Changes had to be made, a new approach was necessary. I fully support any measures Colangelo will introduce.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Dream Job

ESPN Journalist Kieran Darcy, now know as lucky SOB of the week, was called upon to be a celebrity judge on the annual Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader audition. You can easily call this his sweetest assignment ever...

Image hosted by

As a Cowboys fan I'm naturally opposed to the Eagles, but you really have to hand it to their cheerleaders! Have you ever seen their calender? The other day I was in LA and I saw some Raiders cheerleaders signing autographs with photo-ops at Universal Studios. They looked pretty good from up close! But the line was like all around the block, so I gave it a pass...

Image hosted by

Why do I never get called for this?

Sunday, April 24, 2005


93-87! No wonder when you shoot 4-21 in the 4th quarter, including Timmy going 0-7. But let's move on, Game 2 is on Wednesday....

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Playoff Picks

In case you like to bet on sports with your friends, colleagues or even at a bookie, I'll be providing you with my picks for the upcoming First Playoff Round for some inspiration. I'm really into polls and that sort of thing. The good people at ESPN's Sports Nation have a wonderful site with tons of polls for every single playoff series coming up, it's voters heaven! I'm so addicted to polls, surveys and everything related to demoscopy, I'll voice my opinion on everything! ;-) Last October I was standing at Victoria Station in London, as suddenly this poll-taker lady approaches me! She was doing a survey about „Housing problems in London“. I gladly agreed to answer her questions! I have never lived in London and am not too informed about domestic issues in England but still I just answered all of her questions and kept making up stuff for ten minutes with a straight face. Bold. But she wasn't the brightest one... Hello, I have an American accent...!?

But I am drifting off... back to the NBA Playoffs! (My pick for the outcome of the series in brackets)

Memphis Grizzlies VS Phoenix Suns (1:4)
Many say Memphis matches up well against Phoenix, but it's still the Suns. I just don't see Memphis winning more than one game. Last year they were swept by the Spurs in the first round, they'll have to fight hard if they don't want to suffer the same fate this year.

Denver Nuggets VS San Antonio Spurs (2:4)
It's no secret I see the world through Spurs goggles. But I'm still giving the Nuggets two wins at home. Now way they are beating S.A. on the road. The Nuggets might be the toughest 7th seed of all time, I really didn't wanted them as first rounder for my Spurs, but they should be able to hold them off.

Sacramento Kings VS Seattle Supersonics (2:4)
I don't see the Kings going anywhere in the playoffs without Chris Webber. They also have some injury problems and Mike Bibby won't be enough against Seattle. The Sonics are a good road team, nevertheless this should be over in six games because I give Sacto two wins at Arco.

Houston Rockets VS Dallas Mavericks (3:4)
This is a tough one. Many experts see the Mavericks at 4-2, but I put the Mavericks history of Seven-Game-Series into thought. Houston is also a very tough defensive team and Tracy McGrady will give the Mavs a hard time. By the way, I think YAO is overrated. Did you see how he was eaten alive by Shaq last year? And there is no way for Houston to stop THE MAN, Dirk Nowitzki. Expect him to average 30.0 ppg. I heard the Rockets are planning to have McGrady guard Dirk at times... that's just not a very good perspective for them.

New Jersey Nets VS Miami Heat (0:4)
Some say New Jersey will give Miami a harder time than Cleveland, who just screwed up their playoff hopes big-time. But I still don't see anything happen for the Nets, sorry! They might win one game if Vince Carter puts up one of these crazy scoring nights but right now I'm set for a sweep. And I'm so excited to see Dwyane Wade light them up, this kid is not from this world!

Philadelphia 76ers VS Detroit Pistons (0:4)
I'm picking another sweep here. Sorry for Iverson who's a great player and made a huge case for MVP this season. The Pistons will simply take care of business in four games.

Indiana Pacers VS Boston Celtics (4:3)
With all the crazy things happening to Indiana this season it's a miracle they made the playoffs. So I see an upset coming against the higher seeded Celtics. They have a good combo with Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce but I don't think Reggie Millers last playoffs will end in the first round yet...

Washington Wizards VS Chicago Bulls (4:2)
I've got another upset here. The Baby Bulls had a terrific season but the loss of Luol Deng and Eddy Curry will just hurt them too much. Ben Gordon will be fun to watch in close games! The Wizards have a very talented trio of Jamison, Arena and Hughes who will lead Washington to it's first won series in two decades or so.

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Lost.

Six months of hard work and success cumulate in one big feeling of emptiness.

All set.

Alright, I was able to gather valuable information: Butler is not expected to play and the Wizards' coach migth rest his key players. So I benched Jamison too. I'm going with Alston, Jacobsen, Fisher, Robinson, Nowitzki, Okafor, Dampier, Nelson and Cardinal. Now I'm gonna watch the Sopranos and tune in for the games later....

Bring it on MSU Ballers! I'm ready for the challenge!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Decisions, decisions

Alright, I'm a dead end here: Tomorrow's the final night of the NBA Fantasy Playoffs Championship Week and I'm trailing after 8 days of competition. Don't know if I can turn things around tonight, but everyone in my league agrees that it will come down to the final buzzer. Right now I'm breaking my head about what lineup to use on the last night! I can't afford to make any mistakes and bench a player that could provide me with the essential production to give me the edge! That would be just brutal and I would never forgive myself! I was sort of hoping that injuries would help me select the final 9 roster spots but suddenly Emeka Okafor is playing again and Caron Butler seems to be fine too.

Right now I benched Glenn Robinson and Brian Cardinal and am starting Okafor, Nowitzki, Butler and Jamison at the forward/utility positions. The guards are all set with Alston, Nelson, Fisher and Jacobsen and Dampier at Center. But who knows, maybe Avery Johnson will decide to give Nowitzki a days rest cuz he just played this night! Same thing applies to Okafor und Jamison! Or Butler will remain at his ill daughters side. Cardinal is pretty much bench-bound since his numbers have been subpar the past weeks. I don't like to see Glen Robinson on the bench for the last game since he produced bigtime last night and I expect him to play more minutes in the last regular season game. But who should I bench instead? If I just knew what's gonna happen! I need every possible piece of information available! This is gonna cost me the entire night, I don't think I'll be able to sleep! I just can't lose the final.....

Deadline: Wed. 20th April, 6 PM Eastern Time.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Under the Influence

Mark D. from Dallas just made an interesting comment on my entry Reaching for the Sky, about him being drinking while he posted this brilliant analysis of the Cowboys' 2005 schedule. This made me think and I realized that I sure as hell wrote the funniest e-mails and postings while drunk! LOL I very well remember my graduation night in 2000. After coming home very boozed up (that trip home from the party is a story by itself) I logged on to my then favorite forum and just unloaded in funny rants! That was some classic stuff. Funny what a drunk mind can produce when you don't care at all. I'm usually a very skilled type-writer (about 180 hits/minute) but when I'm drunk I produce so many errors, I absolutely lose control of my fingers on the keyboard, it's comedy on a high level!!

Now I'm getting this idea for a project: I should get drunk, like on the weekend, and then write an entry for my blog! Wouldn't that be fun? The results would be somewhat comparable to this CIA project, were they let artists paint anything that came to their mind after giving them LSD. Those paintings were mind-boggling. But I think then nobody would want to read my blog anymore, after being turned off by a incoherent rambling... We'll see how this developes, it's not like I get drunk very often....

Best. Series. Ever.

This is a tribute to the best damn series ever made for television: LOST

I've been hooked on it since Day 1 and it only keeps getting better and better every episode! I'm already at Episode 19 or so and I can say that you get blown away every time you watch it.
You really know that you are watching a damn good series when you catch yourself looking at your clock while watching it and saying to yourself: "Damn, already 30 minutes over - only 15 minutes left!!" And this is the case with Lost. You can't say this about most other series, even if you really like them. I can say that when the DVD is released I'll be the first one to buy it! My final verdict: Best. Series. Ever.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Reaching for the sky

Wanna know how I fare against professional basketball players?

Image hosted by

I'm pretty happy with my height. But obviously I would be considered "undersized" in the NBA.

Image hosted by

See that wingspan? Yeah, call me "Eagle"!!

All these pics were taken before a Spurs game in the Alamo Dome, when they still used to play there. Here's a beautifull shot I took of it looking from the Tower of America:

Image hosted by

Saturday, April 16, 2005

MLS in San Antonio?

AP is reporting that MLS and the city of San Antonio reached an agreement to bring a professional soccer team to the city as early as in 2006!

"The MLS has agreed to grant San Antonio a team if an ownership group is secured, 5,000 season tickets are sold by Aug. 17 and plans are completed for construction of a training complex that includes youth soccer fields.
"As one of the country's fastest-growing and most diverse cities, MLS is convinced that San Antonio is an ideal home for a Major League Soccer club,'' MLS commissioner Don Garber said.
Garber said the 12-team league is in discussions with several possible ownership groups. As part of the agreement, the city has agreed to provide a stadium. The deal grants the team rights to all ticket sales and certain sponsorship and stadium signage sales."

That would be so cool! I won't commit to a season ticket right now but I'll definitely be down for some games! I could imagine that derbys against intrastate rival FC Dallas would be very interesting! I've been wondering where they would play since I've never seen a soccer stadium in town, until I read in the Houston Chronicle that the idle Alamo Dome (capacity: 65,000) is the planned venue. Good thing they won't convert a Baseball-Stadium like they did the other way around in Washington. The citys mayor Ed Garca had a key role in bringing Major Leauge Soccer to town. He's a very active soccer player on a local team. I'm wondering where... I'll keep you updated on MLS in SA....

Law and Order

So I'm sitting here, reading the Liberty Tree. And it says, in nearby Carcer City a good day for law and order, as police chief Gary Shafer was cleared of corruption charges in a controversial decision by the court! Let's hope those missing witnesses turn up safe and sound.....

Friday, April 15, 2005

Ron Mexico

First I didn't know if I should post this but hey, don't we all love some dirt? Superstar Quarterback Michael Vick reportedly has been charged with a lawsuit that alleges Vick of infecting a woman with genital herpes. Oouch..! Now here comes the funny part: During his sexual encounter with the unidentified woman, Vick called himself Ron Mexico which is a pretty darn funny porn name! The lawsuit is also filed against Mr. Ron Mexico. As the story leaked of course many guys started ordering Vick-jerseys at with MEXICO on it. But the league put an end to this and banned this writing on their jerseys. C'mon you flatliners! Anyway, this whole story is too funny! Can't wait to see Vick being mocked in NFL-stadiums next season....

Thursday, April 14, 2005

NFL Schedule 2005

The NFL just released their new schedule for the coming season. I'm a Cowboys fan and don't like that they will play three of their first four games on the road in California! San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland, only interrupted by one homegame against Washington in Week 2. They will also only have two Monday Night Football appearances (Weeks 2: Washington and Week 10: @Philadelphia) and the obligatory Thanksgiving Game (Denver) but who's surprised after last seasons "success". But hey, things can only go better and I really like their defensive additions. They should be able to finish 2nd in the NFC East and hopefully make the playoffs. But they close out the season on three roadies in five weeks (@NYG, @WAS, @CAR) and the final game against the St. Louis Rams. Definitely not an easy schedule!

Let's move on to the NBA: The San Antonio Spurs have revealed their motto for the playoffs: One Team. One Goal. Pretty neat. Of course I don't have to tell you what the goal is. "3 outta 6", that's all I'm saying. We'll be using this as sub-motto too during the playoffs here at Raise The Game. Go Spurs Go!

Let me say a quick word about Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson. He sure was greeted with a lot of suspicision and doubt when he arrived in San Antonio by the analysts of Rotowire, Fanball, Stats Inc. and so on. Heck, even by me! We are talking about a guy who hasn't played a NBA-game in more than one year and was reportedly in bad shape. Also his last stint in Philly didn't go too well as expected. But hey, take a look: He has been averaging 15.2 minutes and 7.5 points in his first six games with the Spurs and has really contributed well, due to his standards. He might be the key to San Antonios playoff-run, because they can always use a shooter. His field goal-percentage has been a bit shaky but he scores most of his points at the foul line. And that's not a bad thing in the playoffs if you are able to get yourself to the line. So, keep a close eye on Big Dog during the following weeks....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Timmy is back!

After missing 12 straight games with an badly sprained ankle (as reported on this site), he was activated from the Injured List today. Yeah, that's definitely good news! The Spurs went 8-4 without him and really fared well in back-to-back Double-OT games last weekend. Imagine how good they will be with him back. I don't know if he will play in Utah tonight but we will know soon. I expect him to play around 20 minutes a game to find his rhythm until the playoffs. I cant wait for the playoffs to begin....

In other news the Spurs clinched the Southwest Division title yesterday. It's their fourth division title in the past five years. It used to be the Midwest Division before the realignment prior to this season. Personally I think the system with three divisions holding five teams, ergo 15 teams a conference, sucks. First, some teams will only play three times against each other, instead of the usual four games. And then the winner of a weaker division will be automatically seeded 3rd, meaning that in some cases a really bad team could be higher seeded than another better team, that finished 2nd or 3rd in their division. Just look at the Atlantic Division! They ought to fix this. And another thing: A seven-game series in the first round of the playoffs is too long! Last year the first round lasted like two weeks (in the East) because two series went the distance. You don't want lenghty series in the first round! They should change it back to the "Best of Five" format. I hope commissioner Stern is reading this.....

Monday, April 11, 2005


Wow, I'm still speechless about last nights Doulbe-Overtime thriller between my beloved San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. What made this matchup even more interesting, is that the Warriors are the favourite team of my good homie, let's call him MP, so this added a little more spice to the night...

After trailing by 10 points in the 4th quarter the Spurs cut the Warriors lead in a 12-2 burst and this turned out virtually into a shootout between Tony Parker and Baron Davis. At 115-115 Tony Parker hit a 19-footer with 5.19 seconds to play! The Warriors took their final timeout and somehow Davis layed one up at the buzzer. Over time! Now keep in mind that the Spurs just came off a exhausting Double-OT win against the Clippers last night!
Overtime was a duell between Parker and Davis, they exchanged basket after basket. Tony proved that he's a big-time crunchtime player! This was arguably the best game of his career. After leading by four the Warriors somehow tied the game again with 20 seconds left and then Parker and Dunleavy exchanged misses. 130-130 after 53 minutes.

Now came the second OT. I attended a Double-OT thriller between the Spurs and Lakers last year in San Antonio. The Spurs were without Timmy and Tony and the Lakers lined up Kobe, Shaq, Malone and Payton. But the Spurs battled them with a lot of heart, sparked by Manu Ginobili. This was definitely the best Spurs' game I have attended so far. Anyway, the Warriors really lost it in the 2nd OT, scoring only 4 points. But it was tied at 134-134 with 42 secs to go. Then Bruce Bowen missed a jumper but Dunleavy stepped out of bounds as he landed with the rebound. Spurs Ball! 17 seconds to go... Parker dribbles down the clock and then makes a beautifull layup with two ticks left... Time Out Warriors... Jason Richardson heaves up a desperate shot which was way too short.... Spurs win!

Tony on his way to the game-winning shot: (He finished with 35 points and 12 assists)

Image hosted by
AP Photo/Marcio Sanchez

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Oh baby! Bulls in playoffs!

Now look at these Bulls! Yesterday they clinched their first playoff-berth since 97/98, the end of the Jordan-era. Of course you shouldn't expect too much from them in the playoffs, since they will most likely face the Pacers in the first round but what counts is that you got there, right? Other teams making a surprise playoff appearance are the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers. And Iversons 76ers seem to be back too!

Teams that made the playoffs last year and will miss this year: New York Knicks Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Hornets and maybe New Jersey. In the West it's only the Los Angeles Lakers, other than that every team will be back!

Fun fact: Everyone of Stephon Marburys previous teams made the playoffs and had at least 50 wins the following season they traded him away! Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets and the Phoenix Suns. Sucks to be him....

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ramblings, Part I

What's up! You may have noticed that I've been experiencing some problems with the pictures on my site lately. A buddy of mine has been so kind to let me use his webspace hosted by Fortunecity to save them there. Somehow these cats don't allow deeplinks any more and my pics won't show. Thanks for nothing, dudes. Fortunecity used to be a really cool place but since they seem to be almost bankrupt they've been adopting senseless policies every day. They used to let you have 100 Megs of storage space, now new arrivals will only get 25 MB at their mercy. So I have been looking around for another image host and created a picture gallery at Yahoo. But of course no linking at all seems to work and you can't upload .gifs. Waste of time. Then I noticed that Sheena (gotta love those goggles!) from a blog I linked to on this site, uses Tinypic so I tried it out. I Don't buy their concept yet. By the way, you should definitely check out her blog. Apparently she's this really smart girl from Brunei (That's on the island of Borneo, which mostly belongs to Malaysia, in case you were wondering) who studies in England. I think even Oxford, but I haven't figured it out completely yet. I recommend to read all of her postings, very entertaining. She really doesn't fall for the simple perception and has her eyes wide open! Hehe....

More ramblings: So Glen "Big Dog" Robinson has played some minutes in the past few Spurs games and did kinda well, at least for his standards. But who would expect anything big from a guy who's last NBA game was more than a year ago? Anyway, he even played quality minutes in the Spurs' ugly loss to Dallas last night, which I won't even go into detail about. I'm just gonna forget about it and pretend it never happened. Gotta focus on the playoffs and Timmy coming back next week!

It seems that along with my pictures my readership has also vanished. Thanks for your support. At least Raise The Game has made it to Google and Ice Rocket, as proven here, here and here. Nice to see that I'm on the #1 page for Marc Cuban. UPDATE: If you click these links they won't show me on the results page any more. But it used to work last week. Another letdown on this rainy night.....

So, that's it for today. I'll hit you with more output soon, promised!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh no! Big Dog signs on!

"The Spurs signed former All-Star Glenn Robinson to a minimum-salary contract on Monday in the hopes that the small forward will be able to provide added depth and experience during the playoff push and postseason, the San Antonio Express-News reports. Robinson is reportedly in mediocre shape. "

I'll believe this when I see it.

Contradictory Music Preferences

Very often you can tell the personality of a person by the music he listens to. In todays youth you have the HipHoppers, Skaters, Punk-Fans, Metal-Fans, Ravers and so on. And usually you will find their CD collection dominated by one genre. But what if a person goes all crossover? Here's a sample of what you will find in my CD-shelf:

Fatboy Slim: You've Come A Long Way, Baby; Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars; Palookaville. Prodigy: Fat Of The Land; Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Massive Attack: Mezzanine; 100th Window. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory; Reanimation; Meteora. Limp Bizkit: Significant Other; Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Boiled Water; Results May Vary. Staind: Break The Cycle. Rage Against The Machine: Renegades; Battle Of Los Angeles. As for Rap there goes Wu-Tang Clan, Red & Meth, RZA, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ludacris Funkdoobiest, House of Pain, Soul Assassins and a lot of Cypress Hill.

And most of these albums are on constant rotation on my stereo! There will be times when I'll dig Electronic music and then I'll be bumping the oldschool Hip Hop joints! Yeah, nowadays Cypress Hill, HoP, Wu-Tang, Dr. Dre and so qualify as oldschool. It's all Nelly, 50 Cent & G-Unit, Ludacris, Nitty and whoever you will see on MTV. I kinda like the songs but not that much, that it will make me buy their album. I also think Snoop Dogg hasn't made a decent album in years! Yes, he puts out good singles by times but have you listened to his recent albums? Pretty flat and after a while it just sounds like a 50 Cent album. But Snoop kicks ass on collabos. No disrespect to the Neptunes who make awesome beats (also own one of their albums) but today nobody makes the good ol' raw cuts we had back in the 90's.... Back in the day you could listen to an entire album and dig every song. Now you will like the first video/single a rap artist puts out and the rest of the album is dispensable.

I also like to attend concerts of the bands I like. Here's what I can come up with from my memory: Many Cypress Hill concerts, also the Black Eyed Peas, who are one of the most amazing live bands ever. Gotta check out their show if you have the chance. Believe me, you will not regret it. Underworld (was a crazy concert, especially this girl from Liverpool who danced with me during the entire show. Afterwards she introduced me to her husband. Talking about akwardness....). Delinquent Habits (one of the best concerts EVER, it was a 18 age limit show and later I found out why: They were passing around booze to the audience and drank with us! The show lasted 2,5 hours and they rocked the house. Just a classic moment!). "Anger Management 2003" with Xzibit, Cypress Hill, 50 Cent and then Eminem. The biggest concert I've attended so far (25,000). Blink 182 in Texas (was pretty lame though). Cody Chessnut (pretty good), 3 Doors Down (Was a private concert during the "Final Four Tournament" last year. It was pretty good but I didn't know too many of their songs) and Limp Bizkit, which was amazing! It was the night before my last day on my old job I quit, and it was the perfect occasion to let out all of my anger. Hehe... Thanks Fred for rocking the house! This one definitely makes my Top 3 list. Oh, I ought to mention some dude called "50 Pesos" who hit the stage last year in Cancuns "Senor Frogs" club. They announced him as the "mexican 50 Cent". hehe. Don't know if this qualifies as a concert but I had to throw this one in, because Cancun is the greatest place on the world.
I'm sure there are still some other concerts I have attended but I can't remember them right now. Anyway, I think this gives you an idea of how versatile and open minded I am in musical preferences....

Monday, April 04, 2005

NBA-Fantasy Playoffs Update

Here we're back with this feature, which could become a running column. Needless to say that I was able to win my first-round matchup and advanced to the semi-final game. Only one game away from the big final! Ah, it would be so sweet to conquer the Fantasy Crown in my first season ever! I wonder how you, my faithful readership, did in your playoffs?

You just gotta like this format, bringing some excitement during the final weeks of the regular season. You catch yourself praying that your major players don't get hurt because a injury in these weeks could bury all of your hopes and trash the hard work of an entire season. I think I should mention my core roster: Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Redd, Emeka Okafor, Erick Dampier, Caron Butler, Rafer "Skip 2 my Lou" Alston and Fred Hoiberg. Just a classy group of players! Especially Dirk who was a real steal with the 7th overall draft-pick. Nobody expected from him to have this MVP-worthy season! Don't you also experience the weird phenomenon that you get attached to your players and stick to them, even if you know there are statistically better players out there? You just have the feeling that they do the special things and provide you with a spark when needed. Like you will get a very special boxscore line from a player you don't expect it from, that will just put you over the hump to win a matchup! Just the experience that makes fantasy basketball so lovable....

On a personal note: Thanks for visiting my blog so often in the past few weeks. I don't blog on a regular basis, sometimes I will spit out several postings a day and then maybe go silent for a few days - depending on what's on my mind. I recommend you to check in every few days for a update. And don't forget: Raise The Game!