Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Decisions, decisions

Alright, I'm a dead end here: Tomorrow's the final night of the NBA Fantasy Playoffs Championship Week and I'm trailing after 8 days of competition. Don't know if I can turn things around tonight, but everyone in my league agrees that it will come down to the final buzzer. Right now I'm breaking my head about what lineup to use on the last night! I can't afford to make any mistakes and bench a player that could provide me with the essential production to give me the edge! That would be just brutal and I would never forgive myself! I was sort of hoping that injuries would help me select the final 9 roster spots but suddenly Emeka Okafor is playing again and Caron Butler seems to be fine too.

Right now I benched Glenn Robinson and Brian Cardinal and am starting Okafor, Nowitzki, Butler and Jamison at the forward/utility positions. The guards are all set with Alston, Nelson, Fisher and Jacobsen and Dampier at Center. But who knows, maybe Avery Johnson will decide to give Nowitzki a days rest cuz he just played this night! Same thing applies to Okafor und Jamison! Or Butler will remain at his ill daughters side. Cardinal is pretty much bench-bound since his numbers have been subpar the past weeks. I don't like to see Glen Robinson on the bench for the last game since he produced bigtime last night and I expect him to play more minutes in the last regular season game. But who should I bench instead? If I just knew what's gonna happen! I need every possible piece of information available! This is gonna cost me the entire night, I don't think I'll be able to sleep! I just can't lose the final.....

Deadline: Wed. 20th April, 6 PM Eastern Time.


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