Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guess who's back

Just look at the score by quarter:

Nuggets 18 / 14 / 30 / 14 = 76
Spurs 29 / 34 / 23 / 18 = 104

Other remarkable stats: With 0:24 secs left in the 3rd quarter, Carmelo Anthony was the first Denver player to reach 10 points. By then Duncan, Parker, Barry and Ginobili had been in double figures already. But Anthony, Martin, Camby and Miller were just brutal tonight. This is not the first time for Carmelo and K-Mart to vanish in big playoff games.... I think we can carry the momentum into Game 3 and regain HCA....

Timmy took care of business, he wouldn't let the Spurs lose tonight. Raised The Game.


At 3:20 PM, Blogger s said...

hi johnny! hehehe i didn't get what you meant on my tagboard at first, then came here and did a double take... what a coincidence, hehe altho to be fair i did read your post yesterday before i actually posted myself. maybe the title stuck in my head subconsciously =D


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