Monday, April 04, 2005

NBA-Fantasy Playoffs Update

Here we're back with this feature, which could become a running column. Needless to say that I was able to win my first-round matchup and advanced to the semi-final game. Only one game away from the big final! Ah, it would be so sweet to conquer the Fantasy Crown in my first season ever! I wonder how you, my faithful readership, did in your playoffs?

You just gotta like this format, bringing some excitement during the final weeks of the regular season. You catch yourself praying that your major players don't get hurt because a injury in these weeks could bury all of your hopes and trash the hard work of an entire season. I think I should mention my core roster: Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Redd, Emeka Okafor, Erick Dampier, Caron Butler, Rafer "Skip 2 my Lou" Alston and Fred Hoiberg. Just a classy group of players! Especially Dirk who was a real steal with the 7th overall draft-pick. Nobody expected from him to have this MVP-worthy season! Don't you also experience the weird phenomenon that you get attached to your players and stick to them, even if you know there are statistically better players out there? You just have the feeling that they do the special things and provide you with a spark when needed. Like you will get a very special boxscore line from a player you don't expect it from, that will just put you over the hump to win a matchup! Just the experience that makes fantasy basketball so lovable....

On a personal note: Thanks for visiting my blog so often in the past few weeks. I don't blog on a regular basis, sometimes I will spit out several postings a day and then maybe go silent for a few days - depending on what's on my mind. I recommend you to check in every few days for a update. And don't forget: Raise The Game!


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