Thursday, April 21, 2005

Playoff Picks

In case you like to bet on sports with your friends, colleagues or even at a bookie, I'll be providing you with my picks for the upcoming First Playoff Round for some inspiration. I'm really into polls and that sort of thing. The good people at ESPN's Sports Nation have a wonderful site with tons of polls for every single playoff series coming up, it's voters heaven! I'm so addicted to polls, surveys and everything related to demoscopy, I'll voice my opinion on everything! ;-) Last October I was standing at Victoria Station in London, as suddenly this poll-taker lady approaches me! She was doing a survey about „Housing problems in London“. I gladly agreed to answer her questions! I have never lived in London and am not too informed about domestic issues in England but still I just answered all of her questions and kept making up stuff for ten minutes with a straight face. Bold. But she wasn't the brightest one... Hello, I have an American accent...!?

But I am drifting off... back to the NBA Playoffs! (My pick for the outcome of the series in brackets)

Memphis Grizzlies VS Phoenix Suns (1:4)
Many say Memphis matches up well against Phoenix, but it's still the Suns. I just don't see Memphis winning more than one game. Last year they were swept by the Spurs in the first round, they'll have to fight hard if they don't want to suffer the same fate this year.

Denver Nuggets VS San Antonio Spurs (2:4)
It's no secret I see the world through Spurs goggles. But I'm still giving the Nuggets two wins at home. Now way they are beating S.A. on the road. The Nuggets might be the toughest 7th seed of all time, I really didn't wanted them as first rounder for my Spurs, but they should be able to hold them off.

Sacramento Kings VS Seattle Supersonics (2:4)
I don't see the Kings going anywhere in the playoffs without Chris Webber. They also have some injury problems and Mike Bibby won't be enough against Seattle. The Sonics are a good road team, nevertheless this should be over in six games because I give Sacto two wins at Arco.

Houston Rockets VS Dallas Mavericks (3:4)
This is a tough one. Many experts see the Mavericks at 4-2, but I put the Mavericks history of Seven-Game-Series into thought. Houston is also a very tough defensive team and Tracy McGrady will give the Mavs a hard time. By the way, I think YAO is overrated. Did you see how he was eaten alive by Shaq last year? And there is no way for Houston to stop THE MAN, Dirk Nowitzki. Expect him to average 30.0 ppg. I heard the Rockets are planning to have McGrady guard Dirk at times... that's just not a very good perspective for them.

New Jersey Nets VS Miami Heat (0:4)
Some say New Jersey will give Miami a harder time than Cleveland, who just screwed up their playoff hopes big-time. But I still don't see anything happen for the Nets, sorry! They might win one game if Vince Carter puts up one of these crazy scoring nights but right now I'm set for a sweep. And I'm so excited to see Dwyane Wade light them up, this kid is not from this world!

Philadelphia 76ers VS Detroit Pistons (0:4)
I'm picking another sweep here. Sorry for Iverson who's a great player and made a huge case for MVP this season. The Pistons will simply take care of business in four games.

Indiana Pacers VS Boston Celtics (4:3)
With all the crazy things happening to Indiana this season it's a miracle they made the playoffs. So I see an upset coming against the higher seeded Celtics. They have a good combo with Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce but I don't think Reggie Millers last playoffs will end in the first round yet...

Washington Wizards VS Chicago Bulls (4:2)
I've got another upset here. The Baby Bulls had a terrific season but the loss of Luol Deng and Eddy Curry will just hurt them too much. Ben Gordon will be fun to watch in close games! The Wizards have a very talented trio of Jamison, Arena and Hughes who will lead Washington to it's first won series in two decades or so.

Good luck!


At 5:36 AM, Blogger s said...

hi johnny!
of course i'll keep in contact, hehe. i'm fine, just taking a break, but you keep blogging and i'll keep reading ;)

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Mark D. said...

Hey like your picks. I look forward to you comments on the Boys draft too. Mine is up.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger s said...

btw what is a DUI-project?


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