Tuesday, May 03, 2005

MLS Soccer gettin' started

Alright, so the campaign for San Antonio to get it’s MLS team has begun. They have until Aug. 17th to get 5,000 season tickets. Word about a potential owner has been circulating in the media, the strongest candidate is a business man from New York. Ticket prices range from $240 over $600 to $800 and if you wanna go big, get yourself a luxury suite in the Alamodome for $8,400. It’s not ideal that season tickets for the club and lover level will be only sold in pairs, so if you are a antisocial loner or have a family with an uneven number of kids, you might have some trouble. Maybe you should invite a friend to join in. What’s really bothering me is the way the Major League Soccer project has been greeted in the towns media! The anti-soccer front has been lead by the San Antonio Express News and WOAI, including other networks/newspapers/radio stations. I don’t think I have read ONE article handling this in a positive way, welcoming soccer to town. What’s up with all this negativity? Okay, one point they are criticizing is the lopsided deal MLS got for the Alamodome. They will get it rent-free for 20 years and also a huge percentage of all revenues generated by other events in the venue. I know a thing or two about business deals, so I do know MLS is getting the better end of this deal and if I were an MLS laywer, I’d be feeling that I happily screwed over the other party. But still they should be happy to get another major sport franchise into town.

Some still feel that S. A. could land a NFL franchise, as former Spurs’ and Minnesota Vikings owner Red McCombs has promised several years ago. That’s why they even built the Alamodome but the city lost out to other markets during the NFL expansion. And these people should realise that the NFL will never come to town! Neither the MLB or the NHL (And Hockey's got their own issues to deal with). So why not embrace soccer? There’s certainly an audience for it in town, just think about the Hispanic community and the Indoor and Youth Soccer community, which make for a large number. Any soccer fans living in the greater SA area, up to San Marcos or Austin, even down to “The Valley” should get tickets!

But well, the nay-sayers have their platform and will make themselves heard. I haven’t seen anything like a support group working their spin, but maybe the Mayor will get something done. We’ll see how this works out. I wouldn’t be surprised if San Antonians pass the required minimum with flying colors…

If you want to order your season tickets, go to www.mls-sanantonio.com


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Mark D. said...

Hey, sorry I haven't been updateding/commenting for the last week or so. I've been swamped!
Anyway, yeah Eddie George is gone. He was just on a 1 year contact and they didn't make an offer. I do like the A-Train signing. Nice little backup. It's odd to look at his number though. Down every year. he had a really nice rookie year and a good second year but since then it is been down. But he should make a nice backup. Odd note he will be backing up JJ this year after backing up JJ's brother last year(Thomas Jones). We still need a safety bad!!! Will try to get some stuff up soon!!

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that MLS would do great in SA if the media would just support the cause. An MLS team would be asset to the city of San Antonio and it's people. It would San Antonio on the map for international friendlys and World Cup qualifiers. SA needs to realize that there are many other cities and fans that would love to have an MLS team to support

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