Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Why do I have a bad feeling about this? "KENS 5 has learned the hype in City Hall surrounding a Major League Soccer team coming to town is not getting the same response at the ticket office. (...) Sources say that so far, only 42 have been snatched up. (...) "I will say that doubled in one day, so that's a good reply, because as of Monday, it was 24," Mayor Ed Garza said." Talking about a promising start to a campagin, that has to sell 5,000 tix in 100 days....

Poor Malik Rose: The SAPD reports that thieves have stolen jewelry worth more than $200,000 from the former Spurs players home last week, including his two Championship rings from the years '99 and '03. Don't expect the burglars to be so stupid and try to pawn them!

There has been some talk that Bill Parcells might extend his coaching stint in Dallas after his contract expires. Sounds good to me...

I am waiting for the first round of the playoffs to finally end! I'm eager to post my picks for the conference semis, but want to wait until all matchups are completed. I expect the Spurs to finish off the Nuggets tonight. I think the Mavericks will have to wait until Game 7, just as I predicted back in April. Their 3-0 run has been very impressive, after they were almost dead after losing both of the first two games at home. And Dirk Nowitzki hasn't even had one stellar performance yet! So stay tuned for the upcoming picks-column and a review of the Award Season, after the MVP has been announced.


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