Saturday, June 18, 2005

Double Deuce

Basically the Finals are going as everyone expected and even I made my pick according to a 4-2 Spurs' series win, which is exactly the way this series is headed to. Only because the Spurs kicked Detroits ass bigtime the first two games, everyone expected them to sweep them or win it 4-1. And now everyone is "surprised" how well Detroit has rebounded (supported by a sub-par Spurs team the past two games. There sloppy play in Game 4 just made real angry!). But in the end Detroit is proving that they are indeed the fierce opponent everyone (including me) expected going into these Finals. So we should see the Spurs steal Game 5 in Motown tomorrow and then get handed over the Championship Trophy in front of their own fans on Tuesday. Hooray!

Somehow I've grown tired of blogging lately. Partly because I'm still riding high on my amazing experiences in Venezuela, and also because I'm just not feeling it. But someday I'll be back at full speed again, just don't know when it's going to happen. I heard that every blogger takes a break at one point during his "career" and it's not like I don't have a real life going on out there...


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