Thursday, June 09, 2005


"Last week, the MLS League Office received from the City Council a set of draft agreements for the final lease on the Alamodome, which were to reflect the business terms of the Memorandum of Understanding. However, these agreements instead contained many new terms that are in direct contradiction to the Memorandum of Understanding that was approved by the City Council on April 14 - - terms under which it would be impossible for any sports team to succeed in the city.
After review of these drafts, and given the fact that the terms of the previously negotiated agreement are no longer being honored, MLS and its owners will no longer consider San Antonio as a candidate for an MLS team in 2006."

Not much too add. The media campaign successfully killed S.A.'s bid for a 2nd pro-sports franchise. Better luck next time...

(Sheena) Hell yeah! :-)


At 9:25 AM, Blogger s said...

heheh. glad you had a good holiday =P. nope i'm not leaving for good. will be back end of september =)


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